We recognize the value of your prized possessions—and at Rogue Moving & Storage, we treat them that way. We’ll design a personalized packing plan that best fits your budget, belongings and time line. Whether or not you need help packing and/or unpacking, we’ll handle all the loading, transportation and unloading with ease.

Packing The Rogue Way

Pack as much—or as little—as you like. With our skilled certified packers, you can rest assured knowing you’ll be working alongside some of the best and most experienced moving professionals in the business.

Choose among our packing options:

  • Full-service packing. We supply all packing materials and professionally pack your entire household belongings. We also blanket wrap your furniture to protect it during transit.
  • Partial packing. You do some of the packing and we do the rest, including blanket wrapping your furniture to protect it in transit.
  • DIY packing. You pack all of your belongings and we blanket wrap your furniture to protect it in transit. You can order packing supplies (including wardrobes, book boxes and crates) from us at 541-476-7735.

Choose among these unpacking options:

  • Full-service unpacking. Rogue Moving & Storage places each box and all furniture in the room you’ve designated. We then do the unpacking and remove all empty cartons.
  • Partial unpacking. Our experienced team places each box and all furniture in its designated room and then unpacks whatever you would like us to. We remove all empty cartons.
  • DIY unpacking. We put each box and all furniture in its designated room. You do the unpacking at your convenience.

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